The Whale Tank; the First Crypto Shark Tank governed by the community

What is daowhale?

DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”
DAOWhale is a Venture Capital DAO driven by the community. Similarly to “Shark Tank”, ambitious founders can pitch their ideas in hopes of receiving investment, exposure and resources to turn their dreams into a reality.

Why has the DAO been created? How is it relevant to me?

In short – you, the users. Through the DAO, you are in control of proposing and voting on Strategic Investment Ventures to Shape the Future of the Crypto Space: for example, proposing an investment into an NFT project that provides real world use utility; thus, the smarter the investment, the more rewarding it is, leading to High Passive Income on Staked Tokens.

investor benefits

Beginner Friendly System

Simply buy & hold $WAO token to contribute to DAOWhale treasury and let the protocol buy early-staged investments from promising projects.

• No Minimum Buy-in Amount
• Buy $WAO token using ETH.
• An easy-to-use user experience.

Winning Investment Strategy

Your contribution is run by professionals, investing in Ventures with a strong deal pipeline, providing long term value-added to stakeholders.

• Providing the community good investment partners who hold project tokens long-term.
• Incentivize professionals to join Protocol’s Investment Committee to get high ROI.

Exponential Community Rewards

DAOWhale empowers the investor community and project portfolio to create rewards mechanisms. Retail investors can work-to-earn additional income through:

• Invest & stake $WAO token
• Provide value-added activities to the Protocol 
60% of DAOWhale profitable investments will be used to buyback and reflect tokens upon staked holdings.

our Partners


Frequently asked questions

A 3% buy / sell tax is implemented + a vested token allocation is used to further Grow the DAO Treasury.

The diversified treasury is structured to focus on higher rewards whilst mitigating as much risk as possible.

  • 50% – Project proposals
  • 40% – Blue chip tokens (BTC, ETH, BNB)
  • 10% – Higher risk plays (Futures trading)

Just being an Investor is limiting earning potential. Hence why we incentivize to Stake $WAO. Stakers are exposed to long term profits which are a direct result of profitable income from the DAO treasury investments. Investors are incentivized to make smart proposals and votes since the rate of Success and Profit is directly relative to the level of Due Diligence.

60% of DAO treasury investment profits are used to buyback tokens and reflected upon Stakers; thus… the more you Stake, the more you Make!

Invest now. grow your wealth, whilst shaping the future of crypto.